How to Transfer Your LPN License to a Different State

Moving to a new state can be a lot of work, both physically and mentally. The last thing that you would want to forget is to ensure that your nursing license will transfer properly or that you have all the correct documentation before leaving your state.

Actually, one of the very first things that you should consider is how your license is going to be affected if you are planning on moving out of state. It’s actually a lot easier than what you may think but can take a few months to get everything finalized.

The first step in obtaining your LPN license in a new state is applying. Every state has their individual website which describes their process of becoming an actively licensed nurse. You can find your state by visiting the National Council of State Board of Nursing. Once you enter the website for your new states’ Board of Nursing, you will want to get familiar with their process of transferring licenses.

Some states will allow you to move to their state and work as an LPN without obtaining a new license at all. This is called reciprocity. Other states will require endorsement, which is when you work actively as an LPN while your new state of residence reviews specific criteria in order to issue you a license for their state.

If you currently live within a Nurse Licensure Compact state and are moving to a state that is a member of the NLC, then you will not be required to submit any forms of documentation. If you have other questions regarding transferring your license and the Nurse Licensure Compact rules, visit their information page. NLC states below in blue:


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LPN/LVN Licensing Requirements by State

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Another step you will need to take is to visit the Nursys website to see if the state that you are relocating to participates with their system. Nursys is a database that is used to verify nursing credentials. If your state participates in it, then you will register and pay a $30 fee per jurisdiction to have your license verified through them.  It’s really convenient because it eliminates additional paperwork. However, fees can add up quickly because you will be paying fees to your current state and future state of residence.

You may be required to take their practical nursing exam in order to receive your license. Because of this, you will want to start working towards the process of transferring your license as soon as possible to reduce any delays. Read more about working as an LPN.

Emily Belcher, LPN

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