Becoming an LPN in Maine

PLEASE NOTE: There are currently no approved LPN educational programs.

The state of Maine strives to promote high-quality service for their patients by ensuring that nurses have continued education opportunities to stimulate and advance professional development. This leads to a stronger support staff and help to enhance the quality of life for the state. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a mere 5% increase in licensed practical nurse (LPN) jobs by 2024 for Maine, the growing demand for nurses has potential candidates flocking to approved schools to meet requirements.  As a participant in the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC), Maine allows nurses from other NLC states to practice without additional licensure. However, nurses from outside the compact area, can still become licensed in the state by meeting endorsement requirements.

  • Maine LPN Licensing Requirements

    Maine requires the LPN hopeful to attend a state-approve school and pass the NCLEX exam to apply for licensing as an LPN.

    The graduate should keep in mind that certain physical requirements may come into play in the daily routine of an LPN, including moving machinery, lifting patients, and extended periods of standing.

    In order to receive state licensure, the applicant must submit a notarized application to the state, including:

    • Headshot (passport-style) photograph less than 2 years old.
    • Official transcript from state-approved nursing program.

    Application for Examination and License (

    As part of the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC - Maine allows nurses from other compact states to practice without additional licensing. The nurse must select a primary state of residence, but can work in multiple NLC states. LPNs living and working outside of the compact area can still apply for a Maine license by providing the required notarized application for endorsement and the following:

    • Official transcript from state-approved nursing program.
    • Proof of having passed the NCLEX.
    • Proof and verification of licensure for another state comparable to Maine.
    • Headshot (passport-style) photograph that’s no more than 2 years old.

    For those educated abroad, looking to receive a license from the state of Maine, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

    • Completion of an approved 4 year high school course of study or equivalent.
    • Completion of approved nursing program.
    • Duly licensed by examination in applicant’s country, having passed the NCLEX examination.
    • Possess a US social security number.
    • Request and submit official transcripts from approved nursing program, showing theory and clinical experience.
    • Submit verification of original licensure.

    Maine LPN licenses expire every 2 years.

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