LPN/LVN Salary – What to Expect

Last Updated/Verified: Jan 5, 2020

When considering the salary for an LPN or LVN, the two main factors that determine the exact number are location and experience level.

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Differences in the cost of living in cities and states across the country mean that LPNs and LVNs may earn more or less, depending on where they live. For example, an urban or densely populated city/state, such as New York City, will generally offer higher salaries to their LPNs due to increased housing and transportation costs in the region. A rural LPN or LVN will earn less by comparison, but cost of living will also be decreased.

Some highly desirable areas, such as beachside communities in California or Florida, or tropical locales such as Hawaii, may actually pay lower salaries than the national average, even though cost of living is high, in a phenomenon called the “sunshine tax” or “paradise tax”. While not a literal tax, this salary peculiarity is generally found in areas that have temperate climates.

How Much Do LPNs or LVNs Make?

The average salaries of licensed practical nurses varies from state to state. States with the highest median salaries for LPNs/LVNs are:

The states with the lowest median salaries for LPNs/LVNs include:

If you complete your LPN program and licensure in one state but want to move to another state for higher pay or better job opportunities, you’ll have to become licensed in the new state unless the states are part of of the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC).

How Much Does an LPN/LVN Make an Hour?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, RNs made $32.91 per hour in 2016. California RNs led the way with a whopping $48.92 mean hourly wage, with the San Francisco Metro Area coming in with an hourly mean wage of $65.68.

Average LPN/LVN Salary Breakdown by State

Pay fluctuations may happen within states based on the type of medical facility an LPN/LVN works in. For example, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports in their May 2016 data that LPN/LVNs who work in nursing and residential care facilities earn more, on average, than those who work in a physician’s office or hospital.

Many medical facilities also have salary budgets and designated pay raise schedules, meaning that an LPN/LVN may have to work in a particular facility for a set amount of time before they can move up the ranks in salary, and entry-level LPN/LVN positions may have a pre-determined budget for salary.

Practical Nursing Salary Table

Location Total Employment Annual Salary
United States 697,250 $43,170
Alabama 14,200 $36,010
Alaska 520 $54,960
Arizona 5,500 $49,760
Arkansas 11,650 $36,170
California 65,250 $51,990
Colorado 5,330 $46,540
Connecticut 8,630 $55,740
Delaware 1,820 $49,440
District of Columbia 1,610 $52,140
Florida 43,540 $41,910
Georgia 25,360 $38,210
Hawaii 1,180 $46,390
Idaho 2,560 $39,500
Illinois 20,300 $45,870
Indiana 16,890 $40,660
Iowa 6,750 $39,140
Kansas 7,090 $39,370
Kentucky 10,850 $38,720
Louisiana 21,750 $37,340
Maine 1,300 $42,720
Maryland 11,640 $50,670
Massachusetts 16,190 $54,330
Michigan 14,490 $45,650
Minnesota 17,730 $42,670
Mississippi 8,830 $36,230
Missouri 15,920 $37,750
Montana 2,510 $39,420
Nebraska 5,300 $39,040
Nevada 2,340 $52,210
New Hampshire 2,160 $47,330
New Jersey 15,310 $54,290
New Mexico 2,150 $46,620
New York 47,380 $46,050
North Carolina 16,330 $42,160
North Dakota 2,920 $41,520
Ohio 40,160 $40,750
Oklahoma 11,610 $38,000
Oregon 2,910 $48,630
Pennsylvania 37,470 $44,020
Rhode Island 1,030 $55,730
South Carolina 9,090 $39,250
South Dakota 1,850 $36,080
Tennessee 22,490 $36,670
Texas 69,220 $44,200
Utah 1,980 $42,820
Vermont 1,450 $45,500
Virginia 21,410 $40,240
Washington 7,490 $48,840
West Virginia 6,570 $34,940
Wisconsin 8,480 $43,400
Wyoming 770 $44,380
Guam 90 $35,810
Puerto Rico 4,850 $20,910
Virgin Islands 90 $41,950

Table data taken from 2015 BLS (http://www.bls.gov/oes/current/oes292061.htm)

LPN/LVN Salary By Experience

As it stands to reason, entry-level LPNs/LVNs will generally earn less than their more experienced counterparts. With time and a strong work ethic comes pay raises, promotions, and before you know it, you are at the top of the LPN/LVN salary range. According to Payscale, LPNs/LVNs can earn anywhere from $15.40 t0 25.12 per hour, with new grads earning toward the bottom of the range, and experienced LPN/LVNs earning toward the top. Aside from the higher wages, experienced LPN/LVNs may also earn more vacation time and hold seniority amongst the ranks…all important aspects of compensation.