Diabetes Nurse Educator Careers with BSN

Have you ever considered becoming a leader in diabetes care? Diabetes nurse educators lead the way. Diabetes education is a rewarding career that offers you personal benefits as well as the satisfaction that you are helping your patients to be as well as they can be. If becoming a diabetes nurse educator sounds interesting, it is essential that you pursue your education further. You must obtain a bachelor’s degree in nursing and become an RN. Fortunately, many paths are open to you that will help you to transform your career as an LPN to a well-paid, highly sought after RN who has a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

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The Need for Diabetes Nurse Educators

Diabetes is a leading cause of death and disability. It is the most frequent cause of renal failure. Blindness, loss of limbs, and general poor health arise when people do not control their diabetes well, or are not aware that they have diabetes. Diabetes is a condition which impacts every system of the body.  Approximately sixty percent of individuals who suffer from diabetes have high blood pressure. All diabetics have an elevated risk of developing cardiovascular disease; however over half of all people who have diabetes are unaware of their increased chances for having these potentially life threatening illnesses. If healthy habits, proper nutrition, control of blood pressure, regular health screenings, and tight glucose control are maintained; the risk factors for developing life destroying complications from diabetes decrease dramatically. Hence the need for nurses who are well prepared to educate patients. If you become a nurse educator for people who have diabetes you will save lives and empower patients to make choices which will lead to improved health and fewer complications from their illness.

Steps for Becoming a Diabetes Nurse Educator

Begin by exploring educational programs which will award you with a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Many options are available. Decide whether online, or on campus courses would be best for you. Consider enrolling in a nursing bridge program such as an LPN to BSN. You may be able to obtain your degree faster if you take advantage of one. After you complete your college coursework, take your examination and become a registered nurse. Obtain a positon which affords you with opportunities to educate your patients about diabetes. After you obtain one thousand hours of experience, and meet other requirements, you will be able to sit for an examination which will lead to certification as a diabetes nurse educator. While you may seek certification without a bachelor’s degree in nursing, employers require that you have a BSN or they will not consider you for a position as a diabetes nurse educator. Once you have your nationally recognized certification, you can begin your career as a certified diabetes nurse educator. You will be in a position to positively impact the lives of your patients, and will experience great personal satisfaction at your accomplishment.

Diabetes Nurse Educator Salary

According to various salary authorities such as Salary.com, diabetes nurse educators see a median salary of roughly $70,400. While PayScale.com suggests a median salary of about $61,000. SimplyHired.com states an average of $55,000.

Last Updated/Verified: Jun 17, 2024