Becoming an LPN in Chesapeake

Last Updated/Verified: Jul 30, 2023

Chesapeake, Virginia is home to one school that offers an LPN program for prospective nurses. In its most recent report, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) claimed that there were 5,080 practical nurses in the Virginia Beach Metropolitan Area, around 25% of the total number of nurses. The BLS predicts a higher-than-average rise in the demand for practical nursing through the 2020s as an aging population requires more preventive and frontline healthcare.

The length of study to complete an LPN program depends on the school and their program structure. A full-time program takes 12-15 months to complete, while part-time study may take two years or more. The typical LPN curriculum includes a mix of classroom study, simulated healthcare scenarios, lab work, and real-world experience.

The Virginia Board of Nursing licenses training programs and professional nursing in the commonwealth.

LPN candidates can expect to study the following subjects:

  • Physiology & Human Development
  • Maternity & Pediatric Care
  • Care for Older People
  • Nutrition
  • Pharmacology for Nurses
  • Surgery for Nursing
  • Nursing Leadership

Schools That Offer LPN Programs in Chesapeake, VA

Chesapeake Career Center

Chesapeake Career Center, once known as Chesapeake Center for Science & Technology, offers an 18-month LPN Level I and II program of practical study which will see students work hands-on at local hospitals. This is an honors course so it is applicable towards full nursing degrees for relevant students. Level III is a post-graduate program that applies both nursing theory and practical work.

Admission Requirements:

  • Pre-requisite courses are Algebra I, Biology, Chemistry
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA
  • High school juniors must apply through guidance office
  • Official transcripts from High School Diploma, GED, or equivalent
  • Professional references and entry essay on the day of pre-entrance testing for adult learners
  • Adults who pass the TEAS test must attend mandatory information session
  • Group interviews with nursing faculty

Employment Opportunities for LPNs in Chesapeake

In Chesapeake, the following establishments regularly employ LPNs:

Chesapeake NCLEX-PN Pass Rates

NCLEX-PN Students Total1961,325
NCLEX-PN Students Passed1581,086
NCLEX-PN Pass Rate80.4%82.0%

Top Ranked LPN Programs in Chesapeake

Listed below are the top LPN schools in Chesapeake based on our LPN program rankings for VA out of 55 other accredited programs offered in the state:

  • Virginia Beach Technical and Career Education Center - #1
  • ECPI University - Virginia Beach - #7
  • ECPI University - Newport News - #18
  • Chesapeake Career Center - #20

LPN Programs Near Me in Chesapeake


Chesapeake Career Center

1617 Cedar Rd, Chesapeake, VA (757) 547-0134

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Newport News

Riverside College of Health Careers

316 Main Street, Newport News, VA (757) 240-2200

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ECPI University - Newport News

1001 Omni Boulevard, Newport News, VA (757) 838-9191

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Fortis College - Norfolk

6300 Center Dr #100, Norfolk, VA (757) 499-5447

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Centura College - Norfolk

7020 N. Military Highway, Norfolk, VA (757) 853-2121

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Camp Community College - Suffolk

271 Kenyon Road, Suffolk, VA (757) 925-6312

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Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach Technical and Career Education Center

2925 North Landing Road, Virginia Beach, VA (757) 648-5889

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ECPI University - Virginia Beach

5555 Greenwich Road, Virginia Beach, VA (757) 671-7171

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