Ways to Obtain Your LPN CEU’s

As an LPN, you have a responsibility of maintaining CEU’s per your states protocol. CEU stand for Continuing Education Units. Some states require you to take specific courses that can be used towards you CEU’s so always make sure to read the fine print. The required amount of CEU’s varies by state, and some states don’t even require you to have any at all.

A lot of skilled nursing facilities and hospitals will offer special training courses that you can use towards your CEU’s. I have also earned CEU’s from working in a clinic. It’s a convenient way to earn credits and help eliminate the need to pack in a bunch of credits at last minute.

Always make sure to keep your CEU’s in one spot. If you are ever audited, you will be so thankful that you have them all neatly organized in one spot.

Also, there are an unlimited number of websites that offer CEU’s. You simply pay their fee, which ranges between $25 to $50 and start earning your CEU’s. Make sure to print a copy of successful completions and file them accordingly. There are also some websites that allow you to pay as you go. Rather than spending a lump payment of $30 for unlimited credits, you can pay for each individual course.


study nurseSometimes employers offer seminars for their staff members. These are great opportunities to earn CEU’s and are free to you. Some credits that you receive for certain college credits may also be applied to your CEU’s.

If you fail to meet the required amount of CEU’s, you could face serious consequences if you have been chosen to be audited. Most board of nursing sites simply state that you could be fined or have disciplinary actions taken if you do not comply with your mandatory credits.

Last Updated/Verified: Jan 28, 2024