Full Time Mother and LPN

As if being a mother isn't a full time job enough, working as a full time nurse just adds a whole new plate to the menu of life. Balancing work and family is one of the toughest hardships for me. I have to work full time to support our household, but being away and missing out is so difficult. I find it very important to spend every waking minute between Pre-K, work and everyday life to enjoy the little moments. I let my daughter choose our daily activities on my days off. It's always a task to explain why mommy and daddy have to work so much, to our 4 year old daughter.

Coming home after a long day is always a relief. Your family may never truly understand what an LPN goes through during each shift. Every day is a new opportunity and a new challenge. LPN's in most long term care facilities are labeled as charge nurses and carry the same weight and responsibility as a RN. Obviously there are some skills LPN's are unable to provide, but that list on an everyday basis is minuet.

Will you further your education? That's a question you will get asked by friends, family, coworkers and prospective employers. Answer carefully. I personally have no desire to further my career. I could not imagine going through more nursing courses, clinical, continue working and being a mother. I believe that unless you have the intentions and mind set to be a hospital nurse, being a LPN can land you a job just about anywhere. There are LPN's in doctor offices, urgent care centers, assisted livings, long term care facilities and even hospitals. Your role may be minimal in a hospital setting depending on the unit. And don't let being an LPN discourage you from attaining a management position. It's completely possible, I've done it.

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Last Updated/Verified: Oct 31, 2023