Confessions of a Nurse: Ask Me About My Shoes

"Confessions of a Nurse" will be a series of rants, basically. This is part 1!

I have a slight obsession with shoes. Not just your typical girl obsession with cute high heels or fancy flats. I love work shoes. I might also hoard shoes that I rarely never know when you'll need a backup pair in our line of work. Am I right?

I have never really been interested in the traditional nursing shoes, like the Dansko brand clogs. They seem heavy, oddly shaped, and well...they aren't very ascetically pleasing. I know comfort is number one priority in choosing shoes when you are a nurse in any atmosphere since we are on our feet so much, but I just cannot justify buying a pair knowing I'll hate them. Plus, they come with a pretty little price tag. Not knocking any of my fellow nurses that do wear these, if they work for you that is AWESOME, but the shoes I wear work perfectly for me, so I'll stick with them. I typically wear runners, which are athletic type shoes. I also own a pair of off-brand crocs, even though they are about as cute as a potato, they work well when my feet are too swollen for regular shoes or instances where I have a bandaged foot. I invested in those after a toenail removal. It's pretty hard to have a wrapped up toe in a pair of Nikes, to say the least.
So, let's back it up a bit, shall we?

During LPN school, we were required to wear all white shoes for clinical. At first, I wore an old pair of cheerleading shoes I had in the back of my closet. I was B-R-O-K-E from buying textbooks, so I couldn't exactly go splurge on a pair of GOOD shoes at the time. Silly me, I thought they would be good shoes to be on my feet so much since they never made my little piggies ache after jumping, tumbling, and running for hours at a time back in high school. I was wrong. Oh so wrong. They just were not made for standing on the hard hospital floors for hours and hours. After a semester of aching legs and feet, I got the money to purchase a decent pair of white shoes. After some recommendations from fellow classmates, I found a pair of shoes resembling Keds with some cushion on the inside. They were ridiculously comfortable. I am pretty devastated that I lost them during a move after graduation.

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Back to the present!

I am not entirely sure how many pairs of shoes I have, but it is enough to fill up a large bin in my closet. Even so, I still find myself looking for a new pair sometimes. I love the shoes I already have. A few pairs matched the first set of scrubs I got when I started my job. Three pairs total, I think. Well, then they changed our scrub colors! I had to indulge in my obsession and purchase new shoes to match the new colors, of course. I still wear the other pairs, even if they don't match perfectly.

Through the process of trying out different styles and brands I have discovered a few things:

1. If you have a small foot, like I do (6.5-7 in women's) you can fit in kids shoes. They are much cheaper. I promise it is worth it.

2. Different brands and styles fit different. I've had to exchange a few shoes to get a different size due to this. Not a big deal, but if you're like me and do a lot of online shopping, it is kind of annoying.

3. Socks. Some socks I own do not work with certain shoes. So I ended up buying all kinds of socks, too.

4. A good thing about owning so many pairs of runners is that if I actually ever went running or to a gym, I'd have a plethora of choices to go with. (I run maybe once a year or if I am being chased by a flying this is just an observation of mine. LOL) Owning this many pairs of shoes comes in handy, in my opinion, because it will make them last longer since I can wear a different pair each day. I have not had to throw a pair away in 4 years. If they get dirty, I just toss them in the washer and call it a day. I've been good and have not bought a new pair in a while, but it is always so tempting when I see a good sale or a really cute pair of my favorite style Nikes in a store. I am curious how much longer I can make it before giving in and finding my next pair of work shoes. I cannot be the only nurse that has this problem, can I? Oh well. There are far worse things to be obsessed with than work shoes.


Page Prather

Page Prather, LPN, is a 2013 graduate of Sowela Technical Community College in Louisiana. She has been working full time at The Pediatric Center of SWLA and part-time as an injection nurse at Elite Medical Wellness ever since passing her NCLEX exam. She previously worked in cardiac at a hospital as a certified nursing assistant while in school. In her spare time, she enjoys art, writing, Grey's Anatomy, and playing with her three fur-babies Sophie, Benny, and Turk.