Military Nursing Careers with BSN

As a Nurse in the military, you will receive a competitive salary. Generous student loan reimbursement is provided. If you are assigned to active duty, loan reimbursement may be as high as $120,000. You may even be eligible for up to a thirty thousand dollar sign on bonus.

The military offers retirement benefits which are superb. If you want to think about your future, be aware that many military personnel are able to retire at a very young age. You will receive a housing stipend. Moving expenses are covered as well. As a military officer, you will receive thirty days of paid vacation each year.

Unique Benefits Offered by the Military

Outstanding health coverage is available for you and your family at no or low cost. You and your family members will receive dental coverage as well. Life insurance coverage is provided for you too.

You will be eligible to participate in continuing education programs. The military offers opportunities for becoming trained in multiple specialty areas which you can work in during your military career and later on as a civilian, should you ever opt to leave the military.

Opportunities exist around the world. If you prefer to stay in the USA, you may want to consider learning about opportunities which will enable you to provide services in the reserves. The reserve branch of the military provides members with generous financial rewards and benefits as well. Read more about military nurse financial aid.

Professional Benefits of Being a Military Nurse

While the financial and other rewards which the military offers are exceptional; your biggest rewards are likely to come from the satisfaction that you will feel by knowing that you are part of an exceptional health care team which provides the best treatment available for military personnel and their families.

You will have opportunities to work in a vast array of fields. Diverse career choices are available. You may serve soldiers who receive injuries from war or you may work in a delivery room, helping to welcome new babies into this world. Some military nurses are involved in research. Military nurses use cutting edge technology to care for sick, wounded, and injured service people.

What to Do If You Want to Become a Military Nurse

If you want to become a military nurse or want to learn more about the benefits which military nursing provides; there are two steps which you must initially take.

Talk with a recruiter who can provide you with information about the military. A recruiter will be able to provide you with information about financing your education and answer questions which you may have about military life.

The other step which you need to take, is to begin working towards obtaining you BSN degree. There are online and on-campus programs which give allow LPNs to test out of some of the required coursework. Bridge programs for LPNs who are seeking to obtain their BSNs are available.

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Once you obtain your BSN, you will need to become a Registered Nurse. Then you will be eligible to launch your new, exciting, career as a RN who is a military officer.

Last Updated/Verified: Dec 9, 2023