LPN Instructor Careers with BSN

Personal Benefits of Becoming an LPN Instructor

As a nurse educator, you will make a good salary; much more than you currently do as an LPN. You will be able to work full or part time. Nurse educators work for colleges, vocational centers and private educational facilities.

Benefits offered by employers are often excellent. You may be able to land a positon which follows a traditional college schedule. This would give you many weeks of vacation time, holidays off, and possibly extended summer breaks. If you want to travel or have family, becoming a nurse educator can be a great option.

Since many educators are employed by vocational centers and colleges, you may be eligible for a generous retirement package. While you might not be thinking that far into the future, the earlier that you start planning for retirement, the greater the rewards will be in your future.

Professional Advantages of Becoming Nurse Educator

You will be abreast of the newest research and nursing resources. As you lead your students forward, you will be on the cutting edge of nursing, and help to forge the path of nursing for decades to come.

As you know, nursing assistants and LPNs often spend the most time of any health care professionals at the bedsides of those in their care. You will be able to share your experiences as an LPN with the next generation of caregivers. Since you have direct knowledge of their roles, you will be in an excellent positon to offer them much more than simply coursework. You will empower them with the wisdom which you have gained as an LPN. Since you have firsthand knowledge, you will be able to offer your students practical tips which will help them to become excellent health care workers who are successful in their own careers.

Next Steps on the Path to Becoming an LPN Instructor

If you want to become a nursing Instructor for future LPNs and CNAs, you must obtain your Bachelor’s Degree. LPNs and RNs who do not have Bachelor’s Degrees are prohibited from being LPN instructors. You may be able to become a CNA instructor as an RN without a BSN, however, having your Bachelor’s Degree will open many more doors for you.

Explore various paths which lead you to obtaining your BSN. Consider nursing bridge programs, as well as traditional college paths.

Many colleges and universities will give you credit for coursework which you have already completed while becoming an LPN. You may be able to test out of coursework and earn college credit for your experiences as a nurse.

Some colleges and nursing bridge programs operate on a rolling admission basis. This means that you can start earning credits towards your BSN very quickly, often within just a few weeks.

See what kind of financial aid is available to you. You may be eligible for government sponsored grants or loans. Your current employer may offer tuition reimbursement. Consider applying for scholarships.

It’s time to get started...

If you want to share your nursing expertise with others entering the health care field, now is the time to get started. Take those first steps today.

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