Pain Management Nursing Careers with BSN

In 2005 pain management was officially recognized as a nursing specialty by the American Nurses Association.

Pain management nurses are employed in hospitals and pain clinics who primarily have BSN degrees. Some pain management specialists focus on specific populations, such as pediatric patients; while others offer services to individuals suffering from particular types of illnesses. Pain management nurses may exclusively work with hospice patients or individuals who suffer from cancer.

Many pain management specialists work as generalists. They care for people who have pain from acute surgical procedures, complex injuries, and chronic back pain.

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Role of the Pain Management Nurse

As a pain management nurse, you will perform a wide array of tasks. You may work in an inpatient or outpatient setting. Providing assistance with the administration of nerve blocks, and other procedures which reduce discomfort, are some of the tasks which you may perform.

You may work as a representative for a manufacturing company that makes electronic nerve stimulators and other technical equipment designed to relieve pain. As a representative, you may work closely with physicians. You may learn how to assist physicians in surgical settings as they insert these high tech devices.

A great deal of your time will be spent providing education. Depending upon your role, you may educate health professionals, patients, or their families.

In addition to administering medications you will likely become knowledgeable about diverse pain management strategies including acupuncture, massage, guided imagery and progressive muscle relaxation exercises. If you work with people who suffer from chronic pain issues, you may need to teach your patients about healthy nutrition, the use of proper body mechanics and safe medication use.

Future of Pain Management Nursing

Pain management is a growing field. The job outlook is expected to remain strong. Research shows that pain affects patient outcomes dramatically. Patients who have poorly controlled pain require more services than individuals who do not suffer from pain.

Diverse body processes are affected by pain. For example, people who suffer from pain due to osteoarthritis are more likely to experience hypertension than those who do not. As reimbursement becomes more closely linked to patient outcomes, it is likely that pain management will become a focus as a strategy to reduce costs and enhance well-being.

After you gain experience as a pain management nurse, you may seek specialty certification. Certification will provide you with additional income and career options.

Benefits of Pain Management Nursing

You will have opportunities to use time honored healing modalities, and cutting edge technology in your practice.

Many pain management nurses work a Monday to Friday schedule. You will have ample opportunities to be creative.

As a pain management nurse, interventions that you use to decrease suffering will directly impact your patients’ quality of life. Your efforts may be life changing for those in your care. You will be connect with the real reasons why you wanted to become a nurse in the first place; to relieve suffering and help others.

Last Updated/Verified: Sep 23, 2023