School Nurse Careers with BSN

Becoming a School Nurse

To become a school nurse, you must have a bachelor’s degree in nursing and become a registered nurse. If you are an LPN, the first step towards entering this important profession is to explore options which lead to a BSN degree and prepare you to sit for the RN licensing exam. Fortunately there are many types of nursing programs available both on line and on campus. Traditional programs as well as nursing bridge curriculums are offered. Many programs award credit for your LPN education. You may be able to test out of some courses.

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Role of the School Nurse

School nurses work in public and private school settings. They are integral parts of the educational system. School nurses respond to emergencies which occur within educational settings. They ensure that student immunizations are current. School nurses administer medications to students. School nurses monitor children for signs of neglect, and abuse.  They comfort children who become sick at school and serve as liaisons with family members and care givers.

Infection Control Falls Under the Jurisdiction of the Nurse

The school nurse must be on the lookout for outbreaks of communicable diseases. School nurses work closely with government agencies and school officials and develop plans which contain communicable disease outbreaks within school settings. They report possible occurrences of disease outbreaks to government officials and provide input regarding school closures due to illness. School nurses provide education to staff regarding infectious diseases and health policies.

School nurses support children who have health care issues. They do this by educating staff and students about children who have special needs.   Children in crisis often turn to the school nurse for emotional support.

School Nurses Ensure the Health and Rights of Children Who Have Special Needs

School nurses ensure that children who have special needs are physically and emotionally safe at school.

By law, every child has the right to be educated in the least restrictive environment. As advances are being made in healthcare, more children are surviving with complex medical issues. Nurses work with children, families, and multiple agencies to ensure that each child has the best education possible, regardless of his or her limitations. Many children need individualized educational plans to ensure their success in school. The school nurses’ input is critical.

School Nurse Promotes Healthy Behaviors

School nurses work closely with guidance counselors and school administrators to create healthy school environments. Nurses develop strategies to prevent bullying, and ensure that children are well educated about the dangers that they face. School nurses provide education to students about illness prevention, healthy eating, hazardous actions, and health promoting behaviors.

School Nurses Promote Lifelong Health

If you decide to become a school nurse, you can be assured that your work will have long range impacts on the health of your entire community and on individual students. Since school nurses work with the same students and families for extended periods of time, you have opportunities to make lasting impacts on the lives of those in your care.

It is essential that healthy lifestyles begin at an early age. As a school nurse, you can help to make that possible.

School Nurse Salary

According to various sites the salary expectations fluctuate:

  • suggest the median salary of a school nurse is $45,765.
  • suggests the average salary is $66,000.
  • states the average for below that of others at $44,377.
School Nurse Salary (United States)

Last Updated/Verified: Jan 30, 2024