Becoming an LVN in Houston

Last Updated/Verified: Mar 22, 2024

Of all the nurses currently working in Houston, Texas, 21% are comprised of LVNs—a little over 1/5th of the city’s nursing population.

In Houston, there are a total of four post-secondary educational institutions which offer LVN programs to prospective nursing students. All programs are offered on-site and on-campus. Curriculum for LVN programs will generally include a combination of in-class (didactic) coursework, lab sessions/simulations and on-site clinical practice. Programs seek to produce highly trained LVNs who are immediately ready to enter the workforce upon graduation.

Courses to be completed during LVN programs include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Nursing Care Concepts
  • Pharmacology
  • Mental Health
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology
  • Psychosocial Concepts in Practical Nursing
  • Maternity, Pediatrics, Leadership and Supervision
  • Surgical Nursing I & II

Of the four LVN programs in Houston, all of them are fully approved by the Texas State Board of Nursing.

Schools That Offer LVN Programs in Houston, Texas

Bell Tech Career Institute

Bell Tech Career Institute, under the name Bell Tech Training School, was established in 2002. The LVN program seeks to offer the best education available to all members of society—wealthy and disadvantaged. The program is designed more specifically to prepare people for the ever-increasing demands on the workforce involved in healthcare. BTCI seeks to provide the highest quality and most effective LVN program available.

The LVN program is completed in 12 months with classes being conducted Monday to Friday, from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Common tasks that LVNs must master include some of the following:

  • Checking vital signs like pulse rate, blood pressure, temperature and respiration
  • Assisting patients with eating, accompanying patients on walks, helping them take baths and taking care of other grooming activities

Admission Requirements:

  • Non-refundable application fee
  • Applicants need to be 18 years of age or older
  • Applicants must possess a valid Texas Driver’s License or ID
  • Applicants must present their original Social Security card
  • Applicants need to have obtained a high school diploma or GED equivalent; for foreign students, high school diplomas must be certified by the United States and meet its standards
  • Applicants are required to take the HESI Admission Assessment Exam and receive a minimum score 70%
  • Complete a personal essay
  • Three letters of recommendation

Houston Community College

Founded in 1927, Houston Community College (HCC), also known as Houston Community College System (HCCS) is a network of community colleges operating in various cities in Texas including Houston, Stafford, Missouri City and Greater Katy. In 2015, HCC had over 5,700 international students enrolled in its many programs of study.

Houston Community College offers students an LVN program that takes 44 weeks to complete. A total of 39 unit hours must be completed in order to finish the program. The vocational nursing curriculum encompasses a mixture of in-class lectures, laboratories, nursing skills training, and on site clinical experience practice in a variety of health care settings.

 Students are instructed in course such as:

  • Nutrition
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Vocational Nursing Concepts
  • Essentials of Medication Administration
  • Leadership and Professional Development
  • Mental Illness
  • Clinical Vocational Nurse Training
  • Maternal-Neonatal Nursing
  • Nursing in Health and Illness
  • Basic Nursing Skills

To learn more about what it takes to be admitted into HCC’s LVN program, you can speak to one of the school’s Admissions Representatives. They can be reached at 713-718-2000.

Lone Star College – North Harris

Established by voters of the community in 1972, Lone Star College-North Harris is a public community college. The college serves over 11,000 students, offering them a number of programs ranging from paralegal studies, medical assisting, information technology and others.

The school’s LVN program is a three semester, one-year program which prepares students to become licensed vocational nurses.

Some of the courses taught in the program include:

  • Gerontology nursing
  • Maternal nursing
  • Neonatal nursing
  • Mental Health

Admission Requirements:

  • High School Diploma or GED documentation
  • Take HESI Test
  • Pass a criminal background test
  • Must be up-to-date on vaccines and immunizations
  • Present official copies of transcripts from all colleges or universities previously attended
  • Complete college-level reading, writing, and math prerequisites or Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements.
  • Submit a completed electronic application form
  • Submit a Signed Score Sheet
  • Completed FERPA form
  • Copy of Credit Advising Transcript

San Jacinto College – South

San Jacinto College – South was originally founded in 1961 as a community college in the Greater Houston area in Texas.

The LVN program takes a full year of training to complete and is comprised of 52 unit hours. In total, the program includes 576 classroom hours and 880 laboratory/clinical hours. In order to be awarded the LVN certificate at the end of program, students are required to have completed each course in the program with a grade of C or better.

Admission Requirements:

  • Have obtained a high school diploma or have passed the GED examination
  • Have a GPA minimum of 2.25 on college-level coursework
  • Pass a physical examination
  • Provide proof of a valid CPR certification
  • Pass the program placement test with adequate scores; in some special cases students who don’t score high enough may need to successfully complete college preparatory courses
  • Take and pass the HESI A2 Exam
  • Have a background clear of criminal history
  • Provide proof of health insurance
  • Every student applying to the nursing program is required to submit a copy of the front/back of insurance card
  • All required immunizations must be current and completed prior to the final application deadline and must not expire during the program

Employment Opportunities for LVNs in Houston, Texas

LVNs in Houston Texas should be able to find gainful employment in many different healthcare sectors across the city, including physicians’ offices, nursing homes, hospitals (large and small), clinics, outpatient care centers, nursing homes, addiction rehabilitation centers and senior living facilities.

The largest and most significant healthcare institutions in the city of Houston, Texas which employ LVNs include some of the following facilities:

Other healthcare facilities in Houston, Texas that are currently hiring LVNs include:

Learn more about Texas LVN Programs or Texas LVN Jobs.

Houston NCLEX-PN Pass Rates

NCLEX-PN Students Total2743,726
NCLEX-PN Students Passed2443,243
NCLEX-PN Pass Rate88.9%87.0%

Top Ranked LVN Programs in Houston

Listed below are the top LVN schools in Houston based on our LVN program rankings for TX out of 79 other accredited programs offered in the state:

  • Alvin Community College - #1
  • San Jacinto College - North - #15
  • Lone Star College - CyFair - #17
  • Texas Health School - #30

LVN Programs Near Me in Houston


Alvin Community College

3110 Mustang Rd, Alvin, TX (281) 756-3500

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Lone Star College - CyFair

9191 Barker Cypress Rd, Cypress, TX (281) 290-3200

Compare Program to Nearby Schools


The College of Health Care Professions

240 Northwest Mall, Houston, TX (800) 487-6728

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Texas Health School

11211 Katy Fwy. Suite 170, Houston, TX (713) 932-9333

Compare Program to Nearby Schools

Bell Tech Career Institute

14602 Presidio Square Boulevard, Houston, TX (713) 636-2659

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Houston Community College

555 Community College Dr, Houston, TX (713) 718-8200

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San Jacinto College - North

5800 Uvalde, Houston, TX (281) 998-6150

Compare Program to Nearby Schools

San Jacinto College - South

13735 Beamer Rd., Houston, TX (281) 998-6150

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The Vocational Nursing Institute, Inc.

11201 Steeple Park Drive, Houston, TX (832) 237-2525

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Lone Star College - Tomball

30555 Tomball Parkway, Tomball, TX (281) 351-3300

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