Becoming an LPN in Miami

Last Updated/Verified: Jun 28, 2023

The city of Miami currently has several schools offering excellent practical nursing programs.

Students considering studying to become a practical nurse should know that this is a great career choice with stable work and higher than average demand through the 2020s and beyond.

In 2021, the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report listed 10,650 practical nurses in the Miami Metropolitan Area. That is around 16% of all nurses in the area.

An LPN program will take anywhere from 12-15 months (full-time) to complete, or 24-30 months of part-time study (where available).

The body responsible for authorizing both licenses and programs in Miami is the Florida Board of Nursing.

Here is what you will study in an LPN program:

  • Professional Skills Development
  • IT for Healthcare
  • Health Writing / Composition
  • Gynecology & Obstetrics
  • Pediatric Care
  • Elder Care
  • Mental Health Care
  • Psychosocial Nursing
  • Surgical Nursing
  • Nutrition
  • Pharmacology
  • Anatomy

Schools That Offer LPN Programs in Miami, FL

Lindsey Hopkins Technical College

Students at Lindsey Hopkins will study all the core features of a practical nursing program. However, the college offers a few unique subjects, including the legal side of healthcare, acute and long-term care, community health, and current issues in nursing. Students learn in the classroom, through lab work, and in both simulated and real-world healthcare facilities.

Admission Requirements:

  • Applicants must be 16 years of age or above
  • Not currently enrolled in any other K-12 education program
  • Must have a stated occupational interest in becoming a practical nurse
  • A High School Diploma or GED (submit transcripts)
  • Pass the TEAS Test
  • Pass the TABE
  • Submit to criminal background checks
  • Mandatory orientation session
  • Mandatory physical health exam

Robert Morgan Educational Center and Technical College

Students will learn to cooperate in a modern health environment and to understand culturally diverse needs. The LPN program also covers – along with the subjects mentioned above – preventive healthcare and encouraging good habits. This program mixes a classroom environment along with real health settings around Miami. It has a strong focus on clinical settings, with 50% of the grades allocated to on-the-job activity.

Admission Requirements:

  • Applicants must submit high school diploma or GED transcripts
  • Must be aged 16 or over and not currently studying any other K-12 program
  • Mandatory physical health assessment
  • Pass score on the TEAS
  • Submit to criminal background clearance
  • A complete profile on Focus

Miami Lakes Educational and Technical College

Here, students will learn a range of skills including the long-term care of patients, allied health sciences, and comprehensive nursing. The program requires 1,350 of study hours with 675 of those comprising clinical work. The college admits students three times per year and the full-time option takes 15 months to complete.

Admission Requirements:

  • Applicants must be aged 16 or over and not currently in High School
  • Either a high school diploma or GED - submit transcripts as proof
  • Pass the TEAS test
  • Mandatory orientation session (you will also be required to attend an interview with a career guidance counselor - interview will also include the departmental head)
  • Complete a physical exam
  • Clear a criminal background check

Green Cross School of Nursing

Green Cross students study 15 modules that make up the certificate, consisting of both theoretical nursing and clinical experience. This LPN program takes 1,350 study hours to complete with full-time study progressing over 12 months. This is a small school with a limit of 12 students at each new intake.

Admission Requirements:

  • High school diploma or GED (or other equivalent)
  • Minimum applicant age is 18 years
  • Mandatory entrance exam (pass score is 70%)
  • Mandatory orientation session
  • Mandatory signed Statement of General Health
  • Submit to background checks
  • Supply proof of PPD or chest X-ray, and hepatitis B immunizations

Mercy Hospital School of Practical Nursing

This is the only practical nursing program in Miami that operates within the confines of a hospital. This means students will get extensive and vital frontline healthcare experience. You will benefit from the 733 class hours and 706 hours in a clinical setting. Aside from common modules, you will also learn fundamentals of nursing and the role of a practical nurse.

Admission Requirements:

  • High School Diploma or GED scores (submit transcripts)
  • Entrance exam
  • Submit a picture ID as proof of residence and eligibility
  • Completed application form
  • Three reference letters
  • Mandatory admissions interview
  • A copy of your current Healthcare Provider CPR
  • Physical exam
  • Submit to lab tests for varicella, PPD skin test, MMR
  • Alcohol and drug screen
  • Criminal background screening

Sovereign Nursing

Sovereign Nursing prepares students for a great healthcare career in nursing to include theory and clinical work. Additional modules the student will study include family health, interpersonal communication, legal, and medication administration. A full-time program will proceed over 14 months.

Admission Requirements:

  • Applicants must be aged 18 or over
  • High school or GED – include transcripts
  • Non-refundable application fee of $100 along with application form
  • Two reference letters
  • Complete a health history document and submit to a physical exam. Must be taken within 3 months of enrollment date
  • Submit valid immunization records (must be up to date) for MMR, varicella, Tdap, Hepatitis B series, and a TB skin test
  • CPR certification for healthcare professionals
  • Proof of current health insurance
  • Proof of professional liability insurance
  • Criminal background check
  • Pass TEAS VI exam

FVI School of Nursing Technology

This program includes both modern nursing theory and practical training covering a range of traditional subjects, but also including important niche areas like mental health, administration, and medical communication. You may also apply your Practical Nursing certificate toward further nursing study.

Admission Requirements:

  • Minimum age of 17
  • Mandatory interview with Admissions Representative (you must visit the premises for an orientation day, or your application will not be considered)
  • Copies of your state ID, valid driver’s license, or passport
  • High school diploma or GED – supply transcripts. If you have a degree, you should also supply those transcripts
  • Registration fee and tuition payment requirements
  • Signed enrollment agreement
  • Submit to a criminal background check

Employment Opportunities for LPNs in Miami

Practical nurses in Miami will see these names come up regularly in their employment search:

Other healthcare facilities:

Miami NCLEX-PN Pass Rates

NCLEX-PN Students Total4922,797
NCLEX-PN Students Passed2651,929
NCLEX-PN Pass Rate53.9%69.0%

Top Ranked LPN Programs in Miami

Listed below are the top LPN schools in Miami based on our LPN program rankings for FL out of 88 other accredited programs offered in the state:

  • McFatter Technical College - #27
  • Lindsey Hopkins Technical College - #30

LPN Programs Near Me in Miami


McFatter Technical College

6500 Nova Dr, Davie, FL (754) 321-5700

Compare Program to Nearby Schools


Sheridan Technical College

5400 Sheridan St, Hollywood, FL (754) 321-5400

Compare Program to Nearby Schools


South Dade Technical College

109 NE 8th St, Homestead, FL (305) 248-5723

Compare Program to Nearby Schools

Piberry Institute

30356 Old Dixie Hwy, Homestead, FL (305) 245-2581

Compare Program to Nearby Schools


Lindsey Hopkins Technical College

750 NW 20th St, Miami, FL (305) 324-6070

Compare Program to Nearby Schools

Miami Lakes Educational Center and Technical College

1450 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL (305) 557-1100

Compare Program to Nearby Schools

Mercy Hospital School of Practical Nursing

3663 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL (305) 854-4400

Compare Program to Nearby Schools

Robert Morgan Educational Center

18180 SW 122 Avenue, Miami, FL (305) 253-9920

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Miami Gardens

Ideal Professional Institute

20295 NW 2nd Ave, Miami Gardens, FL (305) 653-7886

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South Florida Medical College

1111 Park Center Blvd Ste 102, Miami Gardens, FL (305) 625-2112

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Evolution Health Academy

18350 NW 2nd Ave #402, Miami Gardens, FL (786) 709-5895

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Atlantis Educational Center

1111 Park Centre Blvd #102, Miami Gardens, FL (305) 625-2112

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Miami Lakes

Southeastern College - Miami Lakes

5875 NW 163rd Street, Suite 101, Miami Lakes, FL (305) 820-5003

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Antigua College International

14505 Commerce Way #522, Miami Lakes, FL (786) 391-1167

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12002 Miramar Pkwy, Miramar, FL (954) 322-1612

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Oakland Park

Sigma Institute of Health Careers

1260 E. Oakland Park Blvd, Oakland Park, FL (954) 485-0215

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