LPN Programs in Columbus, OH

Last Updated/Verified: Sep 28, 2023

Columbus LPNs make up a quarter of all nurses currently employed in Columbus, Ohio. In Columbus, several educational institutions exist which offer LPN programs, including Columbus State Community College and the American Institute of Alternative Medicine. The primary objectives of these institutions are to produce highly qualified LPNs who have mastered the necessary skills and acquired the necessary knowledge to work as effective members of healthcare teams. Additionally, they should have the ability to care for a wide variety of patients in diverse settings immediately upon graduation.

Schools That Offer LPN Programs in Columbus, OH

American Institute of Alternative Medicine

The American Institute of Alternative Medicine takes a more unconventional approach when teaching its students nursing theory. Not only does AIAM teach the appropriate and necessary skills needed to become a successful practical nurse, the school also places a strong emphasis on the importance of ethics and on patients’ emotional care. Like many other LPN programs around the country, students at AIAM receive a mixture of classroom education as well as hands-on clinical education, treating patients alongside seasoned healthcare professionals at clinical sites around the Columbus area.

AIAM’s Practical Nursing Program consists of a total of 960 program hours. Students complete the program over a span of 15 months (five 12-week quarters). Approximately 59 unit hours are needed in order to successfully complete the LPN program at AIAM.

Admission Criteria:

  • Provide proof of a high school diploma or GED equivalent
  • Complete application form along with a $100 enrollment fee
  • Successfully participate in a personal interview with an admissions representative and go on an on-site tour of the campus
  • Complete entrance examination with at the very least the identified standard met or exceeded in order to be considered—requirement is 41.3% total adjusted score on the TEAS.
  • Meet with a financial aid representative to discuss payment options
  • Complete enrollment agreement and any other necessary paperwork

Columbus State Community College

Originally founded as Columbus Area Technician’s School in 1963 and later renamed Columbus Technical Institute in 1965, the school became Columbus State Community College in 1987. CSCC offers its students two-year programs in more than 50 academic disciplines.

CSCC’s LPN program has both a full-time day and night certificate programs which are designed to ready its graduates to administer top-level healthcare to patients of differing ages and backgrounds in numerous healthcare settings. The program is four semesters long, takes approximately 15 months to complete, and is engineered to place its students into entry-level LPN positions upon their graduation. The LPN program helps its students to advance their critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills. The course curriculum is carried out through a blend of labs, lectures, clinical experiences, seminars and practicums.

CSCC’s LPN program is comprised of 39 semester unit hours—28 semester unit ours in nursing courses and 11 semester hours in arts and sciences. Additionally, LPN students will take part in clinical experiences in a number of healthcare settings under the guidance and management of a registered nurse.

Students will be required to complete courses like:

  • Practical Nursing Fundamentals
  • Patient Care Skills Courses
  • Human Anatomy
  • Pharmacology for the Practical Nurse

Admission Criteria:

  • High school diploma or GED equivalent
  • The successful completion of NURC 1001 with a grade of C or better
  • Current GPA of at least 2.6 in addition to having Good Academic Standing.
  • Completion of The HESI A2 test with a score of 75% or better
  • Placement into:
    • CHEM 0100 or higher
    • BIO 0100 or higher
    • ENGL 110

Employment Opportunities for LPNs in Columbus, Ohio

LPNs attempting to find work in Columbus, Ohio should be able to find gainful employment in a wide variety of different healthcare sectors around the city, including physicians’ offices, nursing homes, hospitals (large and small), clinics, outpatient care centers, nursing homes, addiction rehabilitation centers, and senior living facilities.

The largest and most significant healthcare institutions in the city of Columbus, Ohio that regularly employ LPNs include some of the following facilities:

Additional smaller healthcare facilities in Columbus, Ohio that are currently hiring LPNs for senior living facilities, specialty clinics, etc. include:

Top Ranked LPN Programs in Columbus

Listed below are the top LPN schools in Columbus based on our LPN program rankings for OH out of 60 other accredited programs offered in the state:

  • Columbus State Community College - #15
  • Academia Medical Institute - #17

LPN Programs Near Me in Columbus


Academia Medical Institute

3445 South Blvd, Columbus, OH (614) 279-4900

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Columbus City Schools

270 East State Street, Columbus, OH (614) 365-5000

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Columbus State Community College

550 East Spring St, Columbus, OH (614) 287-5353

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American Institute of Alternative Medicine

6685 Doubletree Ave, Columbus, OH (614) 825-6278

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Felbry College

6055 Cleveland Ave, Columbus, OH (614) 781-1085

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Hondros College of Nursing

4140 Executive Parkway, Westerville, OH (614) 508-7277

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Fortis College - Columbus

4151 Executive Pkwy #120, Westerville, OH (614) 882-2551

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